Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need online voting?

Voting is the fundament of democracy and it’s inevitable for reaching any kind of agreement. Therefore, it needs to be accessible to everyone who has the right to vote. Unfortunately, the reality is far from ideal - in some cases, people have to stay in long queues to cast a vote in elections, polling stations are understaffed, and it’s not always possible to vote from abroad. In addition, voting is not only about elections - boards of directors and other stakeholders vote in order to make various important decisions about their organizations. When they’re big and the board members are spread around the world, voting is often expensive and difficult to organize.
At the same time, digital transformation affects more and more industries, even very traditional, such as finance, real estate or insurance. The development of blockchain technology allows for high security and transparency. There is no reason why voting shouldn’t join the digital revolution. In fact, people spend hours using mobile devices per day and a popular statement ‘there is an app for it’ should always be true when it comes to casting a vote. At we’d only add that this app needs to be impossible to hack and easy to use - just like our app.

How does work? is the first blockchain voting mobile application as a service offering comprehensive poll supervision to voters directly from their mobile voting app. It puts trust at the forefront — allowing organizations to focus on what matters. The app can be used by professionals, shareholders, associations and everyone who needs to reach agreement. The process can be explained in a few simple steps:
Organizer sets a poll on the platform.
Voters download the app, their profiles are validated by a reliable on-boarding system.
Voters cast their vote from anywhere in the world, using their private mobile devices. Immutability, transparency and supervision are by design cryptographic methods implemented and developed by
Once the poll is closed and voting is finished, voters can verify the final results in the application, including a comprehensive auditing part within the grasp of everyone, allowing to bypass the need of relying on centralized poll administrators and third party auditors. 
Voters confirm the consensus.

Who can use

Voting is a part of any decision-making process of active professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and the board members of International, Intergovernmental and Non-Governmental Organizations. Thanks to, all of them can take advantage of online voting to engage with their shareholders remotely and notarize the meeting minutes and the Assembly decisions in an economically efficient manner. In fact, there are endless possibilities to use online voting and because makes it secure, efficient and simple, it can be used by individuals, SMEs, large corporations and NGOs.

What does Blockchain bring to voting?

Some purists will claim that Blockchain is not needed and cryptography alone is enough to build a trustworthy online voting. We would be right to retort “but why in such a case the world is still not full of very mature and acceptable online voting solutions?” Today - very soon at the start of 2020 - many official institutions in the world still refuse to admit that Blockchain is the most appropriate technology to adopt in order to meet by design the most demanding online voting requirements in general. Those institutions are thereby just wasting 2 more years because at the end we can be certain that soon this question of using Blockchain for implementing online voting solutions will be totally outdated with blockchain entering the core of online voting best practices.
Blockchain offers two essential advantages in voting:
The capacity to deliver trustworthy timestamps
The disintermediation and decentralization of operational processes representing the real disruption in governance policies.

Can easily convert any token into a voting utility?

YES, and this is a real benefit for issuers of tokenized assets, a growth industry. uniquely gives voting rights to any standard token, without building a voting smart contract. Voting rights weight can optionally depend on token balance, according to the token's governance policy. easily turns tokens - included existing voteless tokens - into voting utilities.

Can satisfy other use cases for tokens, beyond voting?
YES, our proprietary technology can address other use cases involving secure user onboarding. Please contact us for details

What makes online voting cost-effective?

When voting is done the traditional way, the cost can be exceedingly high. Over 90% of Swiss companies are SMEs and a typical Swiss SME shareholder assembly of 40 people may cost up to 5000 CHF of direct cost and 20000 CHF of economic cost. According to data from Eurocontrol, an average voter who needs to cast a vote in person has to spend even 5 additional hours on commuting. Voting by traditional mail requires 1 additional hour. Voting in person requires not only time but also transport and accommodation, which significantly increases the total cost of voting. Thanks to mobile application, it’s possible to drastically reduce it. Voters need to download a free app from the App Store or Google Play and then can cast a vote at no additional cost. It’s the organizer paying for the pack of votes. What is more, allows voters to be the sole supervisors of ballots making our solution the unique disintermediation online voting system on the market offering that level of trust. It also significantly contributes to lowering the cost as there is no need to hire external auditors.

Will provide an API?

domino vote is a blockchain based mobile voting and genuine standalone application offering 4 trustworthy methods to enroll legitimate voters. No infrastructure, no interface with centralized legacy system is required to set up polls through as organizer and to cast votes voters only need to download the mobile app from the Apple or Android store for free. However, plans very soon in 2020 to open to third party platforms - such as tokenization management systems - in offering an interface to its endpoint services to INPUT/OUTPUT the main parameters.

Can be used for onsite voting?

It is possible to use to cast votes remotely on trust from anywhere and directly from users’ personal mobile devices. But many polls still need to organize an onsite poll session even if only to be compliant with their articles of association. It is conceivable to split a poll in 2 phases, i.e. 1/ a remote voting followed by 2/ an onsite presence voting. is also the suitable tool to cast votes within the meeting room since the mobile app can quickly be downloaded and few seconds only are required to setup the user profile which in this specific case can be endorsed face-to-face and right away according to the onsite meeting organization. Furthermore the remote and onsite voting results will seamlessly be combined.
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