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Take important decisions from anywhere.
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first online voting and decision making solution offering comprehensive poll supervision to voters directly from their mobile app

Access immutability with blockchain technology

Distributed Ledger Technologies such as blockchain bring a new philosophy in the world of information. It is now possible to go beyond the existing standards of data security and step onto a whole new level of trust.

e-voting as never
seen before is a Voting Platform as a Service that is developed to make consensus undisputable. It uses blockchain and cryptography to offer self-auditability as a by-design element. The user experience is meant to shed light on underlying immutable technologies as well as mechanisms of selective transparency used to secure votes and the ballot as a whole.

Polls can now be accessed and profiles of voters inspected individually by everyone to ensure only authorized parties are involved. As votes are secret, only one vote gets to be transparent, it is yours!

This represents only a fraction of's multilayered and cryptographically secured voting platform.


Voting is part of an active professional's, investor's and entrepreneur's decision making process. Physical presence is most often the best solution for a bona fide and reliable result. Traditional e-voting systems are now giving way to technologies that make physical presence superfluous. combines identity verification processes that level up existing identity validation models with several layers of authentication. Added to blockchain data protection, voting from anywhere becomes as secure as physical voting and much more.


Efficient platforms are paramount in fast paced environments and user study is what makes the best interface designs. makes blockchain voting a more spontaneous experience by offering an intuitive and flawless organization processes to easily cast votes using either a web or mobile application.

Become an.early adopter !

Early adopters are offered the possibility to participate in the discounted credit purchase. Those credits are vouchers that can be used to organize polls on

In addition to the aforementioned credits, first customers are eligible for a 4 year discount of displayed reductions.​

Please contact the Team for more info.

This offer will be running until July 31st.

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